Fed Says It Will Stick To Its Plan, As Bond Yield Rises

Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell says he won’t get fooled again.  While the Fed in the past has acted preemptively in anticipation of higher inflation, Mr. Powell says he won’t make that same mistake again. 

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Amid Strong Crosscurrents, Stocks Sank 2.5% This Past Week

With bond yields rising to pre-Covid levels, it was no big surprise when stocks weakened this past week.

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The Cost Of Not Having A Financial Plan Is Surging

Financial planning has grown more important in the current environment.

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Equity Risk Premium Grew Wider And More Important

Modern portfolio theory holds that investors get paid extra return for taking risk. The concept is simple, but can be hard to implement without coaching and education, and it grew more important lately: Investors who take equity risk expect to earn extra return.

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